Writing Reality – On Layering Characters


More often than not, the people we see by chance every day are the ones we discard with the same ready ease as anyone facing multiple acquaintances. It’s a simple texture in life. You can’t cling to the patchwork world, and it certainly won’t cling to you.

That being said, there are certain people who embed themselves in our minds – even if we never learn what their middle name is, where they sleep at night, what colour makes them rock out. They might be the girl who stamps your season pass at the cinema, all edgy hair and quick film-talk behind the counter, before she has to greet the next customer; perhaps it’s the guy who for years called you “Fred”, in a poignant Holly Golightly kind of way, though you never did grasp whether it was through projected memories or Alzheimer’s.

These people stay with us, because –…

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