Time to Finish

(2 CORINTHIANS 8:10-11) People Ask me, “what is your religion?” I respond Jokingly “COUNTERFEIT” but reality is I choose a denomination of none, and this includes the denomination of the “non-denominational.” What is my religion? The Way, The Truth, and the Life. We all Know of God, fewer have a personal relationship with God. It has been a long year, it’s conclusion yet to come….I am not persecuted for what I believe or to be prosecuted for it, it is merely the finish to something I began a year ago. Like the above verse which simply put, is that what I began a year ago, I am now to finish.  In the darkness I have left candles of light. I have tried to remain as true and righteous in a deceptive and immoral world as possible. My integrity and kindness sometimes a weakness but greater times, Strength. I am human and have made many mistakes along the way, some forgiven and others not and others still yet to be judged in the courts of man. I enjoyed every moment of disbelief I could cause in the minds of authority figures who could not truly comprehend  what it is they were witness to…their training and years of work that caused them to stereotype what they saw on the outside, suspending their beliefs. Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover Mr. and Mrs. PoliceOfficer, not all in the dark are what they appear. ALIAS: “COUNTERFEIT” is Who I Am…But I redefine things, I am the opposite of “Fake”… I am Authentic, Genuine, Legitimate, and True. From Darkness to Life, Deconstructed to Reconstructed. I didn’t rehabilitate or reinvent anything about me, I Embraced The ALL of WHO I AM. This last year, though hard on me, it has been more hard on those left behind, those who had to stand in my place while I was/am away, some debts can never be repayed, some honors never fully rewarded what they’re worth. You may never understand the why nor the relationship I have with my God, but that is why it is a Personal Relationship. To My God, thank you for hearing me and putting me down the road I asked of you. To My children, I hope one day to pass it all down but really…you already know it, it’s in your very blood and the air that fills your lungs. Time to Finish…ALIAS: COUNTERFEIT


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