Letter to My ‘Shy Butterfly’

 My Shy Butterfly,

     Over a year ago this journey I began, a journey through the darkness and light. Through the  looking glass, the God of my creation sent me. On the other side I emerged, having all that I had removed or eventually fall away.

     My Children Gone, My Wife to Follow,  My Vehicle and Job, my place to stay all went away. No more comforts of the life I lived before, stripped of most everything until almost nothing more remained.

    Never though did I see your role in this journey being what it is today,  heck we were both amazed at how we went from two to being one.  Somewhere in the partnership and friendship we formed, business and pleasure turned  into the business of pleasing each other.

    All the time I stood on the front step, I never knew that next door is where I’d wind up living  and loving.

    My Shy Butterfly, I know within you is much beauty, but hidden away underneath that hoodie.

    Man I remember how I came that night and said all those things to you after having left your side once again to go back to the other. But I remember coming over and seeing you, not hidden in that damn sweater or your beauty hidden in the anonymity of that hoodie.

   The glow was so intense I was struck in awe was by your beauty, you shined through the darkest clouds, I at that moment knew how right I was,  and how wrong was my decision.  Though I loved her, perhaps  like I said, I loved more the IDEA of her. She got to know me only truly through my letters to her, but you, got to experience me. Once again a witness to the lengths I’ll go and the things I’ll do for someone I love.

   Many times, you were witness to the man I truly am, and long before she had ever come along.   that even the father of your children can’t help but respect me for the father he seen.  That even though me and him have our history, he still gives blessing to our relationship, cause I’m not just some random person, but a father he knows will care for his kids like I do my own, do my best to keep harm from them like I would my own.

  My Shy Butterfly, I Love You and your depths I want to explore.

  I can’t help wanting to know you, to bring you out from under that hoodie. I can’t help being fascinated by you, that maybe I am intimidated by your love for me. The shit I say or do, are things you don’t deserve, things that were in reserve for one who is no more.

   My Shy Butterfly, that captures my soul within her eyes, I’m sorry for the tears I’ve caused your heart to have, they be  from happiness.

 My mind is a jumbled mess, so forgive me if it takes time now to pass this loves’ tests.

 I’m still working on bringing the man you saw next door back to light, I have the pieces but its just takin some more time to put this puzzle together.



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