“Come On Daddy”


LORD, you never cease to amaze me.

When my vision starts to blur, you always find my glasses so that i can more clearly see.

I tell you that, “I Hear Lord.”

You ask me, “But are you listening?”

I Tell You that “I See Lord.”

You ask me, “But is Your Vision Clear?”


In the early morning hours of this day You spoke to me,

Straight into the depth of my ear, right through the Earbud in my ear.

Loud through my head and with the sweetest of voices though,

Straight into my heart and right to the depth of my soul…

I’m struck by the voice of my daughter Alyssa saying to me, “Come on Daddy,”

As I watch her on my computer screen, climb the steps back up to go down the slide again.


All I hear now Lord is that voice, and like the clarity of it’s sound,

I see clearly the plans you have for me start to bloom, like the flowers in springtime.


The Season of Darkness is now beginning to brighten,

As it gives way to the Season of Life.


“Come On Daddy,” I hear her voice say.

She’s calling me out, from Darkness to Life.


By: Nicholas Aguilera



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