Five Essential Tips for Writing a Memoir

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Everybody has a story to tell. This is true. What is not true is that every story deserves to be published.

Many people think they have a story that is unique, or has never been told before, or is so shocking/amazing/sensational that a publisher will not only buy it, but offer to write and edit it for them. This is not going to happen. Even if you are famous. It is a fallacy that celebrity equals book sales. Most readers of books are not interested in a book ‘written’ by a Kardashian or a Snooki (Read this interesting post from Writers Digest about actors turned authors and their actual book sales.)

Many wanna-be writers think they just have to get it down and send it to someone, and magic happens. Or they truly believe it is who you know that gets you published. This means they don’t work on the…

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Creating Yourself

Nick Aguilera aka 'COUNTERFEIT':

So true. Over the last couple years I’ve did my rounds from only to go from beginning to beginning, cause there is no end only forever. I started out on a journey to find myself, only to uncover that I already knew who I was all along, so the real journey wasn’t one to find myself, but a journey in creating myself.

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” -George Bernard Shaw

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Detours on the Road to Freedom

Nick Aguilera aka 'COUNTERFEIT':

I have walked the path that the words u have written are paved with. At this point in my journey, I have found that in the quest to find myself, I’d find myself lookin back along the path only to find that my memories of my life were being lost in a fog following ever so closely behind me. At this point in the journey I’ve come to find, that the me I set out to find, is simply a parallel of the me I left behind.

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Saturated with the
evident and still not
impressed, he breathed his
life force only into
what he could repent. It
didn’t matter much whether
it was the booze or the
women that were rocking his
world, as he was just looking
for a way out. Out of
the shell that defined him.
Out of the brain that
undermined him. Out of
his mother’s need to refine
him. Out of a class that
put limits on who he
could be. He had all the
answers, but it wasn’t
time yet. First he needed
to betray, in every
way, the bonds of his
ancestors. He
wanted to be his own
master. Knowing full well
the disastrous trail
he’d leave. Suffocating
his spirit until he
could no longer feel it,
he colored his walls with
the memories that would
comfort his resistance,
in a failed attempt to
victimize his pride.
Happiness was the…

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